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The Top Ten Cyber Crimes

12 Jan Posted by in Work | Comments

This is a list of the top ten crimes committed on line.  This list can be argued endlessly and is intended to be more of a fun start to the discussion rather than a definitive and defensible list.

  1. ‘Stuxnet’ Iranian Nuclear Centrifuges attack:  Widely attributed to the CIA, this virus searched for Centrifuges in a particular Iranian enrichment facility and then caused them to operate just above their maximum speed causing them to fail and be damaged.  Click HERE for more information on Stuxnet.
  2. Target Retail Stores Credit Card Breach:target-databreach-infographic In 2013 about 40 million credit card accounts were taken through Targets Point of Sale System.  Click HERE for more information on the Target data breach.
  3. WorldPay Heist from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS): $9 million US dollars were stolen by hackers in 2008 when hackers cloned 2100 ATM cards in 12 hours.  Click HERE for more information on the WorldPay theft.
  4. Harvard MBA Application System Hack:  In 2006 posted the process to hack the system online.  When Harvard became of aware of the hack they rejected some 120 students that used it.   Click HERE for more information on the Harvard MBA hack.
  5. ‘Slammer’ Database Virus: In 2003, this attack on Microsoft SQL Database infected about 75000 victims in just 10 minutes.  Microsoft had patched the exploited issue in 2002 but IT staff around the world were more concerned with stability and up time than they were with security at the time, and as a result did not patch their SQL servers in time.  Click HERE for more information on Slammer.
  6. Australian Water Treatment Hack: In 2001 Vitek Boden was mad about not getting a job with the Australian government, so he hacked the water treatment system a released 250 metric tonnes of waste into sensitive eco systems.  Click HERE for more information on the sewage system hack.
  7. Los Angeles Traffic Signal Hack: In 2009 two engineers hacked the LA signal network to cause gridlock for 4 days, during a strike.  Click HERE for more information on the LA Traffic Signal hack.
  8. Confiker Virus: in 2008, Confiker infected an estimated 11 million Windows XP computers, locking machines and making them operate very slowly.  In 2015 Microsoft is still offering a $250M reward for turning in the author.  Click HERE for more information on Confiker.
  9. Military Source Code Theft:  In 2001, about two thirds of US Navy’s missile guidance systems source code was stolen by some still unknown party that was traced to Germany.  Click HERE for more information on the US Navy source code theft.
  10. South Carolina Data Theft: In 2012 75% of South Carolinas citizens including 3.3 million bank accounts and children’s social security numbers.   Click HERE for more information on the South Carolina data theft.


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