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VIDEO: What are The Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World

05 Sep Posted by in Opinion, Statistics, Videos | Comments

Militarymilitary-power is an important asset for any nation. It is an important component that maintains the stability of the nation by ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. A nation military consist of air-force, the navy, and the army.

This list is based on a few criteria which are the nation defense budget, its active military soldiers and its firepower which includes air, water and land arsenal.

1.      United States of America

It ranks 1st on our list. This country has the highest defense budget and the largest active military personals.  In addition to its high profile operations today in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq,  and Libya it has a strong presence in dozens other countries with its massive 600 billion dollars defense budget.

2.      Russia

Next to United States is Russia, with the 2nd largest air land fleet. It is a massive superpower even after breaking from USSR after the great World War II.

3.      China

This country has the largest active army personals about 2 million. It ranks 2nd in the navy fleet list and is rapidly becoming more and more advanced.

4.      India

This country is quickly becoming a super power; it ranks 1st in buying of weapons by foreign countries. It has the 3rd largest army and its defense budget is allocated at about 60 billion dollars.

5.      United Kingdom

The royal army, royal navy and the RAF are known for its classy equipment and technology. It ranks 5th on the list.

6.      France

About 1.9% GDP of this country is allotted for defense and security. There has been a 10% decline in the military jobs since 2013.They have been recently involved in maintaining peace in Senegal, Africa and Mali with the help of NATO forces.

7.      Germany

The compulsory law for army service was terminated in 2011. This country spends a massive 43 billion dollars on its military.

8.      South Korea

The South Korean military is one of the best there is with over 650,000 active military personals. It has a large air and naval feet which are capable enough to see off the threats and aggression by North Korea.

9.      Japan

Japan recently increased their military budget first time in 11 years. It was one of the leading forces in WWII but since the war a peace treaty was signed by the country that abolishes them to have an offensive army.

10.  Turkey

With the constant threats from the Islamic countries adjacent to it, Turkey has increased its arsenal and budget. It is one of the powerful forces in the Eastern Mediterranean coast.


Below is a short 12 minute video covering the top 20 military powers in the world using different metrics than ours… but we thought you would like it anyway 🙂


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