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The Top 10 Tips To Win The Lottery

15 Feb Posted by in Opinion, Statistics, Videos | Comments

If you have ever played a lottery you know that there are all kinds of superstitions people have.  They choose their kids birthdates; how-to-win-the-lotteryonly buy on Thursday at 2pm, only buy lottery tickets from John at the Safeway… They are crazy.  The list below are the top ten tips you need to win the lottery:

  1. Join a group of lottery ticket buyers.  The more tickets you have the more likelyhood you have of winning.  Get into your office or social clubs lottery pool.
  2. Do not buy tickets for different lottery games.  Again, the more tickets you have in one draw the greater the likelyhood is that you will win.
  3. Do not use a Quick Pick.  In theory any given number should be drawn at a distribution even to all other numbers… but all numbers are NOT drawn equally.  Here is the list of the most frequently draw PowerBall numbers.
  4. Play the same numbers every week.  Once you have selected your numbers from the more frequently drawn number just stick with them.
  5. Play “lesser” Lottery games.  Local lotteries for instance don’t have large ad campaigns so they provide better odds of winning as a way to attract players.  To prove this, we have provided a list of “odds” for all notable Canadian lotteries.  Note that the smaller, regional, state / provincial lotteries provide the best odds of winning.  Charity lotteries nearly always provide the best chances of winning.
  6. Avoid store / brand / product lotteries because the company that you are buying from always wins and the odds of you winning are often terrible:

    McDonald’s Monopoly Game is one of the worst “lotteries” going. Your chances of winning big with the fast-food chain are even worse than at the big national lotteries. Just how poor are the odds at McDonald’s? Let’s just say your odds of winning a $1 million collecting Park Place and Boardwalk game pieces are 1 in 307 million. Suddenly Lotto Max doesn’t look so bad.

  7. Avoid picking numbers that end in the same digit.  For instance 4, 14, 24, 34, 44, 54.  We did some quick research and could not find a major lottery win that used this type of combination.
  8. Add up all of the numbers you have selected and make sure the sum is between 110 and 220 (for games with 5 or 6 digits):

    lotteries with 6 digits: …somewhere between 117 and 210. Sums that fall within that range will account for over 70 percent of all lottery jackpots
    See for more complete odds based on sums

  9. Do not group your numbers.  For example, 23, 26, 29, 31, 33, 35 is not a common distribution.  Spread your number out.|
  10. Do not use dates for your numbers.  If you do, all your numbers will be below 31 and that is a very uncommon distribution.  Calendar numbers are not a good source for you to draw from.

As an added bonus, you will likely find this How To Win a Lottery video from MSNBC interesting:

Canadian Lottery Odds:

Lottery Jackpot Odds of winning (1 in…) Where available
Atlantic 49 $1,000,000 6991908 Atlantic
TAG $100,000 600000 Atlantic
Keno Atlantic $250,000 2147181 Atlantic
BC 49 $2,000,000 13983816 B.C.
Poker Lotto BC $100,000 2598960 B.C.
Keno BC $100,000 8911712 B.C.
Daily Keno Ontario $250,000 2147181 Ontario
Encore $1,000,000 10000000 Ontario
Lottario $250,000* 4072530 Ontario
Ontario 49 $1,000,000 13983816 Ontario
Poker Lotto Ontario $100,000 2598960 Ontario
MegaDice Lotto $100,000 3262623 Ontario
Banco $200,000 2147181 Quebec
La Poule Aux Oeufs D’or $100,000 1000000 Quebec
Quebec 49 $2,000,000 13983816 Quebec
Banco Special $1,000,000 4763044 Quebec
Jour de Paye** $675,000 1947792 Quebec
Lotto Poker Quebec $100,000 2598960 Quebec
Sprinto $200,000 2118760 Quebec
Western 49 $1,000,000 6991908 Western/North
Keno Western/North $100,000 8911712 Western/North


UK Lotto Odds:

Numbers Matched Odds Of Winning
6 main numbers 1 in 45,057,474
5 main numbers + Bonus Ball 1 in 7,509,579
5 main numbers 1 in 144,415
4 main numbers 1 in 2,180
3 main numbers 1 in 97
2 main numbers 1 in 10.3


Power Ball Odds of Winning:

Division What you need in one game to win Odds based
on 1 Game*
Odds based
on 12 Games
Division 1 6 winning numbers + the Powerball 1:76,767,600 1:6,397,300
Division 2 6 winning numbers 1:4,040,400 1:336,700
Division 3 5 winning numbers + the Powerball 1:376,312 1:31,360
Division 4 5 winning numbers 1:19,806 1:1,651
Division 5 4 winning numbers + the Powerball 1:9,123 1:761
Division 6 3 winning numbers + the Powerball 1:641 1:54
Division 7 4 winning numbers 1:480 1:40
Division 8 2 winning numbers + the Powerball 1:110 1:10


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