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Who Are The Top 10 Rock Bands of All Time?

22 Jun Posted by in Opinion, People, Videos | Comments

the-top-10-rock-bands-of-all-timeThe roots of rock music go back to United States where it originated in the early 50’s, now you would rarely find teens and adults who won’t go rock and roll hearing the sound of their favourite band’s guitar and drums.  From Led Zeppelin to Nirvana and The Eagles there have been many rock bands that have spread their heavy metal magic upon us and make us go all crazy listening to their mind blowing beats.

… and just one more thing before you flood us with hate mail for skipping your favorite band.  We know that Bruce Springsteen, Rush, U2, Cold Play, Bon Jovi, The Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Kiss, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers and hundreds more (did I mention my personal favorite: Rush?) could have made the list, but someone had to make the call and’s own Ruchi Bhargava made it happen using data and opinion from Wikipedia Top Grossing Rock Bands, Billboard – Greatest Bands of All Time, VH1 Top 100 Artists Ever

So without further delay, here is the list of top 10 rock bands of all time.

1: The Beatles:

Who other than the 4 members of this band can top this list. No other band has been this popular or reached the same height this British boy band. Some of their best songs were Hey Jude, Come Together and I want to hold your hand.

2: Led Zeppelin:

The mighty creators of their famous single Stairway to heaven. They come second on this list. – their best songs list.

3: Pink Floyd:

From London they became famous through their progressive and psychedelic music in the middle 1960’s.  Echoes- The best of Pink Floyd is an album containing their top songs.

4: The Rolling Stones:

Fourth on the list. The London based band formed in 1962 stole many people’s heart away through their exceptional tunes.  Rolled Gold- The very Best of the Rolling Stones.

5: Queen:

Formed in the early 1970’s .This British band is known for their internationally acclaimed songs We Will Rock You and We are the Champions.

6: Metallica:

Known for their top singles, The day that never comes and Nothing Else Matters are one of the best American bands.

7: AC/DC:

Their tunes are regularly played in the Iron Man movies. Highway to hell and Shoot to thrill are the two of the many.

8: Nirvana:

Well known for their best single Smells like Teen Spirit. Even though they have produced only 3 albums they are regarded as one of the most influential rock bands.

9: The Eagles:

The American band formed in 1971, the winners of 6 Grammy awards and have produced 5 top singles.

10: The Who:

Last on the list formed in 1964 has sold over 100 million albums and is also one of the most influential bands of this century.


Sources – Wikipedia Top Grossing Rock Bands, Billboard – Greatest Bands of All Time, VH1 Top 100 Artists Ever

List created by’s own Ruchi Bhargava



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