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Who Are The Top 10 Greatest Authors of All Time?

11 Jun Posted by in Opinion, People | Comments

Well who doesn’t like reading some thrillers, romance, horror, or sci-fi novels now and then and enjoy being lost in the imaginative world. agatha-christie-greatest-authorFrom imagining saving the world or to walking a thousand miles to get to your beloved every reader enjoys these fantasies that are carved in words. So here’s a list of the top 10 authors who with their words have really made people in awe with them.

  1. Agatha Christie
    No one can deny the fact that there her mystery novels are one of a kind and only she could have authored those awesome books. She even tops the sales record in books sold.stephen-king-greatest-author
  2. Stephen King
    Mr. King is a king having four decade of experience in the writing community King has authored 54 novels mainly based on supernatural fiction and horror.
  3. Charles Dickens
    Every teen growing up must have read The tale of two cities, it is regarded as one of Charles’ great work.charles-dickens-greatest-author
  4. Danielle Steel
    The American novelist has sold over 500 million copies and mainly features family issues and romance.
  5. Barbara Cartland
    The English author can be called the queen of romance as she wrote mostly romantic tales and authored a no. of 723 novels which also have been translated in many languages.
  6. Sidney Sheldon
    The American suspense novelist has authored only 21 books but still holds a record of over 370 million copies sold.
  7. Paulo Coelhodan-brown-greatest-author
    He is best known for the internationally acclaimed book ‘The Alchemist’ which was originally written in Portuguese. The Brazilian has sold over 210 million copies.
  8. Dan Brown
    Remember Mr. Robert Langdon from’ Da vinci code’ well he is the creator of Mr. Langdon and his thrilling novels have sold over 200 milion copies.
  9. J K Rowlingj-k-rowlinggreatest-author
    She does not require an introduction. She is the creator of Hogwarts which is now every child’s fantasy growing up and of course our hero Harry Potter.
  10. Leo Tolstoyleo-tolstoy-greatest-author
    The author of ‘War and Peace’ and ‘Anna Karenina’, The Russian novelist is well known figure in the writing community and is regarded as one of the best by authors themselves.
This list was created by’s own Ruchi Bhargava


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