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Top 10 Stupid Things We Can’t Help Saying

06 Jun Posted by in Opinion, People | Comments

Everyone has fallen victim to saying something stupid, no matter what your IQ number may state. Some of these phrases slip out before we can even stop them; that’s if we even care to stop

Some people often give excuse of slip of tongue. These phrases keep giving you opportunities to laugh at yourself and will compel you to ask how so stupid you could be?

  1. No offense, but…” The moment you have to clear up that you’re not being offensive, it means that you are.
  2. I literally…” as if no one would be able to tell when you mean something literally or figuratively. If you’re literally breaking out in hives, believe me, I would be able to tell.
  3. LOL” when you are not laughing. Why are you not even laughing and instead saying “lol”?
  4. Are we there yet?” Does it look as though we are?whats-your-problem-stupid-saying
  5. I personally…” Really? Could you ever get more personal than stating with ‘I’?
  6. Are you going out like that?” Well, why don’t you just tell me that I look horrible and that you don’t want to be seen with me in public?
  7. Are you sure you’re only *insert age*?” Hold on, let me quickly check my birth certificate.
  8. Are you going to eat all of that?”  We both know you are going to eat all of that.  It’s a stupid question.
  9. What’s your problem?”  This is clearly a rhetorical question… we already know what “your problem” is and this is our way of saying we DON’T want to hear about it.
  10. It’s just my opinion.”  This is used as a justification for saying stupid things.  Read a book, get an education or talk to someone who know what YOU are talking about BEFORE your form an opinion



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