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The Top 10 Reasons To Bring in Syrian Refugees Into The United States and Canada

30 May Posted by in Opinion, People, Videos | 1 comment

In Europe the 2015 / 2016 refugee crisis has caused real problems.  For example, accepting refugees expanded Germany’s population by nearly 1% in 2015 and that has caused serious social and economic issues.  Limits and better processing systems are going to be required for that part of the world.  Canada and the United States however are so physically distant from Syria that we can easily control both the number and “quality” of Syrian refugees.syrian-refugees-welcomed-in-canada-jason-kennyJPG

Canada brought in more than 25000 Syrians in late 2015 and early 2016.  These people had been screened and approved first by the United Nations and then again by Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration office and while this is no guarantee that all of these these refugees are “good people” it should filter most of the problematic applicants.

Enough of the negative.  Lets talk positive.  Below are the Top Ten reasons to bring large numbers of Syrian refugees into the United States and Canada:

  1. Middle Class – Syrian refugees are not like most other refugees in that they came from a middle class society and know how to act in first world.  In fact most Syrians in the US today are “Middle Class, Married, Home owners”.
  2. Education – Most Syrians have high school or University educations and will need only a moderate amount of assistance to find work in Canada and the USsyrian-refugees-welcomed-in-canada
  3. Where Else? – Canada brings in about 25,000 refugees per year, so where else in world would you prefer they come from?  Nigeria? Afghanistan? Guatemala?  Think about how difficult it is to keep up your country’s global responsibilities with people from these even more problematic regions of the world.
  4. Money – Most Syrian refugees have some money.  They are not rich but they have cell phones, financial assets and have a good understanding of the Western world.  They need far less financial support than other refugees.
  5. Skilled Labour – Both Canada and the US have a shortage of skilled labor.  A notable percentage of Syrian refugees are trained Engineers, Geophysics, Nurses…
  6. Racial Mix – Adjusting the racial mix in both Canada and the US will help keep balance (for those [racists?] who fear being over run by “foreigners”).  Canada for instance has very large Indian and Philippino communities, while the US has a substantial Mexican population.  Bringing in a notable number of Syrians will dilute that mix and provide a larger melting pot.syrian-refugees-welcomed-in-canada-justin-trudeau
  7. English – Most of the Syrian refugees Canada selected have someone in the family that speaks English.  Not speaking English is the number one impediment to employment in Canada and the US so these people already have a leg up.
  8. The Economy- Studies show that refugees to Canada have historically taken about 2 years of support before they start contributing to society and are a net positive after 8 years.  Because Canada has hand selected the Syrian refugees it accepted, the Canadian Government expects these Syrians to be “net positive” in less than 8 years.  Many Syrian refugees to Canada get jobs right away and contribute to the economy within their first few months in Canada.
  9. Ethics – These people are fleeing a war without an end in site.  They have been in life and death situations and someone has to help; this time that someone is you (and me!).
  10. It’s just plain and simple, the right thing to do.
  11. … and for those American pundits that keep saying Terrorists come in through the Canadian boarder like they did for September 11th 2001, I have one word for you: WRONG… it has NEVER happened.  There has NEVER been a single attack on the US that included a visitor to Canada or refugee that traversed the US / Canada boarder, regardless of what Homeland Security, Donald Trump or Fox News keep are telling you.
  12. … and for those anti-Muslim people, remember that not all Syrians are Muslim and that it is generally a sectarian state where religion is treated much like it is in North America (some take religion seriously but most do not).

Check out this fantastic and funny video of the Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj interview with:

  • a Syrian refugee couple in Ottawa
  • a group on non-Syrians bringing more Syrian refugees to Canada ,and
  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explaining that Syrians are not be feared


As for the ISIS is infiltrating refugee populations… I don’t think so and here is why:

The bottom line is that Canada and the US have both the capacity and the compassion to help these people.  I have real concerns about 25000 Syrians being brought into Canada in such a short period of time, but then I remember bringing in 60000 Vietnamese boat people in 1979 and look how that turned out.


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