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What Are The Top Ten Countries With the Best Food?

29 Jun Posted by in Opinion | Comments

For all the food lovers out there who also like to travel a lot and visit new places and like enjoying their culture and food. Healthy and tasty cuisine is loved by everybody so why not try various dishes from different countries.

So here’s a list that helps you to choose which country you visit next in your holidays that has the best food you might have ever tasted.

1. Italy

Italian cuisine is renowned in the whole world known for their pastas and the use of the tri-colour of their national flag in the food.

2. India

You wouldn’t have tasted anything like Indian food before the use of various spices and curries.

3. Greece

This country adds a Mediterranean touch to its cuisine.


4. Mexico

They believe good food bonds family so you got to visit this country along with your loved ones.

5. France

Known for their wine and cheese. It produces the large variety of cheese (fromage).They introduced French Fries to us.

6. Japan

Sushi was created here. This presents a totally different form of cuisine to you.


7. USA

This country is known for its fast food and use of instant meals.

8. Spain

Spanish cuisine is one of a kind; it uses olive oil and also takes it origins from the Roman Empire.

9. China

Chinese food is loved everyone around the world. It is known for their use of rice and sauces with green vegetables.

10. Turkey

Its cuisine is influenced by two factors the Ottoman Empire and the Middle Eastern Countries. Rich variety of chillies are produced here.


This list was created by’s own Ruchi


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