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The Top Ten Reasons To Go To Chestermere Alberta Canada

28 Jun Posted by in Opinion, Videos | 1 comment

Chestermere-City-logo-smChestermere is a scenic lake front city with 20,000 people and 6000 homes located 5 kilometers east of Calgary.  It is Alberta’s newest city joining a club of only 19 in the Province.

Chestermere is a fantastic place to be but don’t take my word for it, watch this 5 minute TV segment hosted by the famous quarterback Terry Bradshaw:

 1 – Chestermere Lake

The lake in Chestermere started life at the turn of the 20th century as a pond.  The Canadian Pacific Railway needed a place to refill their steam engines so they dug it out.  Today the 750 acre lake is most notable as being the only water body in southern Alberta that allows motorized watercraft.  As a result it draws people from far and wide to live and play.  The bike paths and roads around it will take you 10 kilometers to complete the loop.


2 – The Landing

The Landing is the oldest and most notable watering hole in region.  It’s most recent owners, the Kitler’s, have renovated the building and the menu as well as brining their boat business to the private marina at the edge of the property.  They will rent you paddle boats to pontoon boats before you go for a pub meal and few drinks overlooking the lake.

3 – Housing

Because Chestermere is so desirable it’s housing market has withstood several major downturns in the oil sector and still boasts the second highest average house price in Alberta.  Most of the reason for the higher price average can be attributed to Chestermere having primarily single family homes (multi-family units cost less and reduce the average price) and the fact that it has hundreds of large luxury homes on the lake.  These two facts have allowed Chestermere to keep it’s housing market resilient even in times of economic uncertainty.  From federal Senators, to NHL players, to the person that wrote the theme to TV’s The Love Boat, Chestermere attracts a good crowd.

4 – Good Municipal Government

Chestermere has a popular and stable city council that has good relations with both Provincial and Federal governments.  Chestermere has the 136th highest taxes out of the 380 municipal tax jurisdictions in the Province and has had a 0% increase for the last two years.


5 – Beaches

There are three beaches in Chestermere; two public and one private.  In 2015 the City opened a massively reworked Anniversary Park beach that was paid for through Provincial grants and corporate donations.  It is also home to the new cenotaph respecting our military.



6 – Proximity to Calgary

This is a difficult one because as much as Calgary offers to residents of Chestermere, living next to a giant makes it easy to get stepped on.  Calgary is the largest city (by square kilometers) in Canada and one of the largest in the world.  It’s sprawl is legendary and Calgary City Council is doing all it can to densify the existing spaces but it does continue pushing towards the boundaries of it’s neighboring cities and towns, like Chestermere.


7 – The Weather

Like most of Southern Alberta, the weather in Chestermere is excellent.  Hot and dry in the summer months, with winter weather often interrupted by chinooks to can warm up the temperature as much as 40 degrees in 24 hours.

8 – Small Town Feel

Council, local businesses, and citizens have often commented on how Chestermere still feels its summer village roots where neighbors talk to each other, stores know your name and local charity events are well attended.  Thanks to the very hard work of local citizens like Alex Halat, Chestermere has hosted several Guinness Book of World Records certified events including the Worlds longest hockey game.  These events are always well attended by local citizens and well supported by local businessmen like Andrew Marriot of Tim Hortons and Jed Snatic of Life Path Dental.

9 – Business Ready

In the last decade Chestermere has had the number of local businesses expand 600%.  There are now two large national grocery stores, an expanding provincially run medical center and all of the major banks.  There are many retail an commercial opportunities available including several very large acreages zoned for commercial and industrial use.  In an effort to supply more land for corporate development the City of Chestermere is selling large plots on a 100 acre parcel adjacent to Peigan Trail which will provide a direct route into Calgary.

10 – Amenities: Golf Course – Bike Park – Skateboard Park

The 18 hole Lakeside Greens golf course is a beautiful amenity surrounded by homes that you can’t miss as you drive down Chestermere boulevard.  The world class bike park and notable cement skateboard park were opened in the last two years and provide adults and kids with challenging terrain to build their skills.



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