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The Top Ten Reasons to Be In Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

27 Jun Posted by in Opinion, Videos | Comments

okotoks-logoOkotoks Alberta is a town of 30,000 people with 11,000 homes and it truly is a wonderful place to be.  Why you ask; just read the Top 10 reasons to be in Okotoks Alberta:

1. Okotoks Has a Sense of Humour

Take a look at this video of their sales pitch to Calgary c-train transit riders.  The Calgary Herald thought it was a little too self deprecating but this campaign certainly got a lot of free media attention.  Okotoks definitely has a sense of humor.

the-royal-duke-hotel-okotoks2. The Royal Duke Hotel

The Royal Duke is a local landmark, hotel, restaurant and watering hole.  It doesn’t look like much on the outside but inside it offers a cozy, inviting small town atmosphere.


3. The Okotoks Erratic

Better known as the The Big Rock, this local landmark is notable if for no other reason than it is very unusual.

4. The Weather

Like most of Southern Alberta, the weather in Okotoks is excellent.  Hot and dry in the summer months, with winter weather often interrupted by chinooks to can warm up the temperature 40 degrees in 24 hours.

5. Proximity to the Rocky Mountains

Okotoks is nestled in the Rocky Mountain ‘foothills’ and is only a short 20 minute drive to real mountain terrain.  For instance it is just 22 kilometers to Black Diamond.

Town-Office-Okotoks6. Good Local Government

Okotoks has a stable government with sustainable budgets.  Okotoks has the 124th highest municipal taxes out of 380 tax jurisdictions in the Province of Alberta.

7. Rocky Mountain Sidecar Adventures

Just what it sounds like.  The company describes it best themselves:

Rocky-mountain-sidecar-okotoksEnjoy the vistas and views of Calgary and surrounding areas by taking a ride on a sidecar adventure.  You will experience the incredible landscape of the foothills and the Rocky Mountains. Catch the scent of mountain streams and tall pine forests, or stop for a picnic at the headwaters of a glacial stream.

8. Employment

While it is true that Okotoks is just a few kilometers south of the Calgary metroplex and most of the larger incomes in the city come from Calgary businesses, there are now many local businesses that are fully developed.  New car dealers, hotels, movie theaters and like their adverts say… even a Costco!

9. Proximity To Calgary

This is a difficult one because as much as Calgary offers to residents of Okotoks, living next to a giant makes it easy to get stepped on.  Calgary the largest city (by square kilometers) in Canada and one of the largest in the world.  Calgary’s sprawl is legendary and Calgary City Council is doing all it can to densify the existing spaces and stop more sprawl.

10. Very Nice Housing Developments and Town Layout

Okotoks is a western Canadian Town which means you would expect its streets and developments to be dead straight and setup on a grid… but it isn’t.  The Town needed to build around the far from straight Sheep River and that lead the original roads to be curvy.  Because they have varied development including some dense multi-family area’s, as you can see in the map below, it has a far more interesting layout than most cities and towns in the Canadian west.  Many of the newer housing developments are upscale and have a focus on environmental sustainability.




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