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The Top Ten Most Watched YouTube Videos Fun Facts

10 Jul Posted by in Opinion, Videos | Comments
youtube-logo-angle-factsYouTube was a sensation before Google bought it in 2006 for $1.6Billion.  It was loosing big money and was in the throws of many ugly lawsuits with content owners.  After Google bought YouTube, the lawsuits dollar value got even larger.  One of the most notable was Viacom’s $1 billion for copyright infringement.  That landmark lawsuit was finally settled in 2014 without Google/YouTube having to pay a settlement.  Because Google does not disclose it’s divisions profits we can only guess that YouTube is now clearing more than  $1 billion in profit each year.
YouTube has continued its meteoric rise and now has 4 BILLION views per DAY and receives 30o hours of content per every minute of every day.
Below are the top 10 fun facts about YouTube’s most popular videos:


The singer’s name, Psy, is actually short for Psycho.  This was the first video to achieve 1 BILLION views but listen to the lyrics and you will be surprised to find Gangnam Style is critique of the way the Korean rich are treated.


The song led the Billboard Hot 100 for 12 weeks. It tied the record held by Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” for the longest run ever at #1 for a rap single.


Sir Paul McCartney once saved Mark Ronson from drowning in the Long Island Sound when the future producer was just a child. Ronson was too young to remember and heard the tale from his mother. He wasn’t entirely convinced the story was genuine, but the ex-Beatle later confirmed it as being true.


Some of the video’s interior scenes were shot at Winfield Mansion, which was built in 1916 at Glen Cove on New York’s Long Island by the family who started the global chain of Woolworth’s retail stores. The property was wrecked by a mysterious fire in early February 2015, an event spookily foreshadowed by Swift singing on this song about love going down in flames.

5. HELLO –

Adele got inspired to pursue a musical career as a result of hearing Amy Winehouse’s debut album, Frank.

6. SORRY –

The video features the ladies of New Zealand’s Royal Family and ReQuest dance crews. The clip was directed and choreographed by ReQuest’s founder Parris Geobel.


This song is also on Taylor Swift’s 1989 album along with “Blank Space”. However, “Shake It Off” music video was aired first before “Blank Space” – 3 months to be exact.



The “Bailando” song title translates to “Rhythmic Dancing” in Spanish.




The song track on Youtube with almost 1.5 billion views is actually a compilation of children’s songs that runs 54 minutes.

10. LEAN ON –

The song was initially sent to both Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s camps as a slower reggae track but was rejected.
This list was written but ‘s own Shaun Kristine from the Philippines


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