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Video: The Top Ten Letterman Top 10’s

01 Mar Posted by in Jokes, Videos | Comments

David Letterman may not have invented the top 10 list but he certainly popularized.  Below are The Top Ten Late Night With David Letterman show Top 10’s:

  1. The Top Ten Peices of Advice For Kids presented by Eminem
  2. The Top Ten names of real Californian’s:
  3. The Top Ten Things You Don’t Want to Hear in A Music Store presented by Jack Black
  4. The Top Ten Things That Have Been On Ellen Degenerous’ Mind Lately
  5. The Top Ten Things Never Said On the Spranos’
  6. The FIRST Letterman Top Ten List aired in the fall of 1985 was the The Top Ten Words That Almost Rhyme with “Peas”
  7. Barrak Obama’s Top Ten Campaign Promises
  8. The Top Ten Reasons It Took Me 20 Years to Win the Daytona 500 presented by Dale Earnhardt
  9. The Top Ten List Reasons I’m Looking Forward to the Grammy Awards presented by Lil Wayne
  10. The Top Ten Things Overheard At The Buffalo Wild Wings Church
  11. This is Lettermans Top 10 Celebrity Interviews, which does not fit the list, but hey… Lettermans stuff is wierd enough we thought we would put it in anyway!


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