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VIDEO: The Top Ten Dumbest Things Ever Banned

10 Feb Posted by in Jokes, Videos | Comments

Yes, this is a crazy list of things that have been banned from various governments and schools.  These are nutty stupid, paternalistic, top down, insane, leftist, I know better than you do, controlling, fun killing, 1984 style, rules and laws:

  1. France – Ketchup
  2. Iran – Western Hair Styles
  3. Schools Everywhere – Ball Games and anything else that might be fun Having “Best Friends” again, Superhero movies, and hand holding is illegal in Tennessee schools
  4. Japan – Dancing
  5. Milan – Frowning:  smile… I’m not kidding, SMILE damn itstupid-rules-banned-no-dancing-sign
  6. US States – Bear Wrestling
  7. Russia – Emo Bands / Music / Fashion
  8. Eastern Europe – USSR – North Korea – Blue Jeans
  9. All Over – Movies – like Berma banning The Simpsons Movie because of the way “it depicts yellow skin”… not kidding
  10. China – Puns… yes, puns… ya know word play


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