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Top 10 Donald Trump Jokes

15 Feb Posted by in Jokes, People | 1 comment

In 2015 Donald J Trump announced he was running for President and everyone laughed.  By early 2016, no-one was laughing.  His politics of division has gained traction in the Republican Party base.  donald-trump-said-that-he-is-not-racist-because-he-hired-arsebio-hall-conan-obrienMexicans are rapists and murderers while women are bitches is just too much for many… but supporters claim he is the only one telling it like it is.  Blocking trade with foriegn countries until they capitulate on paying for supposed security measures like building a wall across the US – Mexico boarder would breach half a dozen trade agreements, but again Donald J Trumps supporters don’t seem detered.  Short on detail and long on rehtoric Donald Trump is a the Maurie Povich of todays politics.

Below are the top 10 Donald J Trump jokes:donald-trump-hell-toupee

  1. Donald Trump insists he would be a good President.  I guess if he thinks he can pull off that crazy hair style, he can do anything – Jimmy Kimmel
  2. How do you “Make Halloween great again?”.  By carving a Trumpkin.
  3. What did Donald Trump do before criticizing Mexicans?  He made sure his pools were cleaned and his grass was cut
  4. According to the latest CNN pole, Trumps numbers doubled this month.  Actually, he just combed over his last months numbers. – Conan O’Brien
  5. Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton “disgusting” for taking a bathroom break during a debate.  Trump never has to go to the bathroom because his crap just shoots out of his mouth.
  6. In an interview with Christian Broadcasting, Donald Trump said “I beleive in God” but of course The Donald was talking about himself.  – Jay Leno
  7. Donald Trumps favouite chapter in the bible is Chapter 11.
  8. Donald Trump says he is running for President as a Republican.  That is funny because I thought his was a running joke. – Seth Meyershow_to_make_donald_trump_hairdo
  9. Trump showed his birth cerficate to reporters.  Who cares about his birth certificate?  I want to know if that thing on his head has had its vacinations! – Craig Ferguson
  10. Donald Trump doesn’t beleive in gay marriage.  He believes a marrage is between one crazy rich guy and a model half his age

As an added bonus, take a look at this Tonight Show skit on Obama helping Trump with debate prep:


and this Jimmy Kimmel Donald Trump video:


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    Mainly insisted to rule U.S.A.

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