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The Top Ten Hillary Clinton 2016 Jokes

11 Jun Posted by in Jokes, People | Comments

Below are the top 10 Hillary Clinton jokes:

  1. One big difference between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush. One of them doesn’t mind if you use her last name. .
  2. “President Obama said Hillary Clinton is approaching one million frequent flier miles in her job as Secretary of State. Though even that can’t get her upgraded to the seat she really wants.” Jimmy Fallon .
  3. Hillary-Clinton-2016“Hillary Clinton is putting on a little weight.  She’d better be careful. If she gains 10 more pounds, Bill’s going to start hitting on her.” David Letterman .
  4. What does Bill say to Hillary after a romantic interlude?  “Honey, I’ll be home in 20 minutes.” .
  5. “But you know something? I think Hillary may secretly be glad that this whole thing is over. ‘Cause now she can go back to doing what she loves the most: huntin’, drinkin’ whiskey, shootin’, get back to her roots, as we saw. Well, the good news is Hillary is on Barack Obama’s list for potential vice presidents.  Yeah. The bad news, she’s just a little bit below the Reverend Wright.” Jay Leno .
  6. The hottest new political bumper sticker in New York State: “RUN HILLARY RUN”  Democrats put ’em on the rear bumper… Republicans affix them to the front bumper .
  7. “Hillary Clinton says she and her family stay in touch by e-mailing a lot. Bill said, ‘Yeah, that’s why I’m always alone on the computer in my room, e-mailing my family.'” Jimmy Fallon .
  8. Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogan “Read My Lips – No New Interns” .
  9. “Chelsea Clinton tried to help her mother attract the gay vote in Pennsylvania by visiting several lesbian bars. That’s true, yeah. Yeah, when asked to comment afterwards, Chelsea said, ‘I’ve never seen so many women with my mom’s haircut.'” Conan O’Brien .
  10. “This weekend, Bill Clinton said Hillary should not drop out of the presidential race. Yeah, when asked why, Bill said, ‘Because then she’d come home.'” Conan O’Brien


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