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The Top 10 Volkswagen Jokes

14 Feb Posted by in Jokes, Videos | Comments

In April 2014 a the University of West Virginia completed emissions tests on Volkswagen cars and found that its diesel engine was operating far beyond the limits of the law and 40 times worse that it was supposed to.  They reported their findings to the EPA in the US and by December 2014, VW had responded with the usual “tests were not properly performed”.  By the spring of 2015, the EPA was rejecting VW;s assertions and getting serious.  On September 18th 2015, VW announced their fraudulent actions and began damage control.

This is a very serious situation, so we thought it would be a good idea to compile a list of the funniest VW emissions jokes.

  1. The Volkswagen Toureg: It’s German for Asthma – Bill Maher
  2. “Some may say that the VW emissions scandal is the worst thing Volkswagen has ever done… unless you remember World War II” – John Oliver
  3. best funny vw emissions memes
  4. New VW slogan: ‘Das Liar’
  5. What time is it when a VW fails an emissions test?  Answer: All the time!
  6. “VW made a green car that pollutes, and people say Germans aren’t funny” – Bill Maher
  7. best funny VW emissions memes
  8. At a recent dinner party, the CEO of Volkswagen was over heard saying “I remember a happier time, when all we did was build cars for Hitler” – Conan Obrien
  9. How many mechanics does it take for VW to pass an environmental test?  Zero… it just takes one programmer.

As an added bonus, take a look at this short bit on VW from Bill Maher


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