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The Top 10 Funniest Puns

14 Feb Posted by in Jokes | Comments

Puns are the home plate of every good father… but everyone else hates them.  So here are the funniest puns in the world:

  1. The person that invented the door knocker, just received the No-Bell prize
  2. What do you get after playing a flute for 3 hours?  Minstrel cramps
  3. What is the tallest building in EVERY city?  The library because it has the most storieseinstein-science-relativity-pun
  4. A man angrily leaves the zoo complaining that there was only ONE small dog in the entire place.  The zoo keeper looked at him and said, what did you expect, this is the Shitzu
  5. The first humans that walked the ice bridge to North America often got lost because they could not keep their Bering Strait
  6. Bicycle’s can’t stand up on their own because their are two tired
  7. The cross eyed teacher always had a rowdy class because he couldn’t control his pupils
  8. You can tune a guitar but you can’t tuna fishstar-wars-jokes-puns
  9. Two peanuts walked into a biker bar and one as a-salted
  10. What is every writers least favourite blood type?  Type-O .

I have to post my daughters favourite pun:  Why do teenage girls only hang out in even numbers… because the “can’t even” .  You have to know someone under 18 to get that, but it kills my daughter every time.

As a special bonus, take a look at this short video of 10 more good puns:


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