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28 Dec Posted by in Work | Comments

The Top 10 Cyber Security Worries for 2018

Below is a list of the top ten IT security concerns for businesses in 2018.  These are not in a particular order and we will keep them brief. 1: A Twist on Vendor Attacks: The old logic says that the easiest way into a big company that has tight security, is through a little vendor […]


28 Jan Posted by in Opinion, Work | Comments

The Top Ten Cleaning Products Already In Your Home

You might already have the items listed below laying around in your home. Why not use them as cleaning products? 1. BAKING SODA From whitening teeth to baking goodies, this item has so many uses that it should be a must-have item in every household! Create a thick paste with dishwashing liquid to remove those soap […]


02 Sep Posted by in Opinion, Statistics, Work | Comments

The Top 10 Notable Shortest Players in NBA History

This is a list of the top ten basketball players who can really play the game.  The average height of a US adult male is just under 5′ 10″ so that was our cut off.  If you are under 5′  10″ you are ‘below average’ and that makes you insanely short for the NBA which […]


01 Aug Posted by in Work | Comments

The Top Ten Things You Need To Know About Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft combined the old Service Packs and New Windows Versions (95, 2000, XP, 7, 8…) model, into a new process that provides new features in full versions of Windows released several times each year under the Windows 10 banner.  Microsoft released “RTM” Windows 10 in July 2015, then build 1511 in November (get the code.. 15 like 2015 and 11 […]


20 Jul Posted by in Statistics, Work | Comments

The Top Ten Biggest State Oil Companies In the World in 2016

Oil is big business and no one is bigger that the state run enterprises.  They usually have massive oil and gas reserves to drill often without any competition which leads to terrible management, nepotism, awful investments…  Pay particular attention to Rosneft Yukos, number 11 on our top 1o list, for intrigue worthy of a James […]


13 Jul Posted by in Opinion, Work | Comments

The Top Ten Reasons No Tipping / Fixed Tipping In Restaurants is a Bad Idea

Fixed Tipping has been spun by the restaurant industry as a “No Tipping”.  Nothing could be more misleading.  The restaurant industry says that they need to move to fixed tipping systems to ensure all their workers are paid a fair wage. Below are the top ten 1o reasons “no tipping” policies are a bad idea: 1 […]


The Top 10 Things All Americans Should Know About Mass Shootings

Mass Shootings, Murder Sprees and Active Shooters are now all too common in the United States.  To clutter the discussion, each side of the gun control debate spout a lot of opinion and non-scientific anecdotal evidence to back up their entrenched positions.  Below are the top ten things about so called Mass Shootings that all Americans should be aware of: […]


27 May Posted by in Opinion, Work | Comments

The Top 10 Best Passwords of 2016

Best is tough to define when it comes to digital security but clearly a password must be complex enough that it does not lend itself to brute force or dictionary attacks, but is easy enough for you to remember WITHOUT writing it down.  Below are the techniques you can use to develop your own 10 […]


27 May Posted by in Opinion, Work | Comments

The Top Ten Ways Hackers Get Your Passwords

If you have ever wondered how hackers gain access to your accounts : phishing –  spam messages (emails, texts…) asking you and millions of others for passwords usually by asking you to reset or verify your credentials spear phishing – sending YOU targeted messaging that relates to something the hackers knows about you, asking you […]


29 Apr Posted by in Work | Comments

VIDEO: The Top 10 Semi-Advanced Tips and Tricks For Windows 10

There are thousands of enhancements in Windows 10 but which ones should you pay attention to. This video is intended to provide locked down corporate users with the top 10 features they should be aware of in Windows 10 Top 10 Semi-Advanced Tips and Tricks For Windows 10: 1. Taskbar – programs on active screen […]


10 Feb Posted by in Opinion, Videos, Work | Comments

VIDEO: The 10 Most Bizarre Japanese Inventions

There are some crazy inventions in this world and the Japanese have created more than their fair share.  Below is a list of the top ten bizarre Japanese Inventions: Necomimi – $99 for a set of motorized cat ears that is connected TO YOUR BRAIN! Square Water Melons – just wrong Thumb Extender – 15 […]


06 Sep Posted by in Jokes, Opinion, Work | Comments

The Top Ten Funny Report Card Comments Made by Teachers

These are actual comments made on students’ report cards by teachers in the New York City public school system. All teachers were reprimanded (but, boy, are these funny!): Since my last report, your child has reached rock bottom and has started to dig. I would not allow this student to breed. Your child has delusions […]


01 Mar Posted by in Work | Comments

The Top Ten Hardware Innovations in Modern Computer History

The computer is now as likely to be found being used by a toddler as it is a travelling executive.  Computers perform billions of calculations a second to enable humans to perform at a level never anticipated by ‘futurists’ of the pre-computer era. Computers are now even making computers.  Both single purpose robots and what TV would […]


18 Jan Posted by in Work | Comments

The Top Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Canadian AntiSpam Legislation (CASL)

Below are the top ten things you need to know about Canadian AntiSpam Legislation (CASL): CASL deals with Commercial Electronic Messages or “CEM”s for short This is NOT just mass emails It includes single emails, mass emails, texts, faxes, social media… Pretty much anything other than telephone calls. It applies to everyone who communicates with Canadians […]


12 Jan Posted by in Work | Comments

The Top Ten Cyber Crimes

This is a list of the top ten crimes committed on line.  This list can be argued endlessly and is intended to be more of a fun start to the discussion rather than a definitive and defensible list. ‘Stuxnet’ Iranian Nuclear Centrifuges attack:  Widely attributed to the CIA, this virus searched for Centrifuges in a particular […]


10 Jan Posted by in Work | Comments

The Top Ten Ways to Be a Good Employee or Contractor

It doesn’t matter how you are paid; staff, contractor, agency… you customer will look to you for reliability and that means you need to be more than good, you need to be great: Be BUSY: When you are working for your client, it might appear that they want you to hang out and make jokes […]