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15 Dec Posted by in Opinion, People | Comments

Discount Codes & Free Shipping Gift Guide

Do you need something interesting for that hard to shop for person?  Here are 10 great gifts with serious discount codes you. ASICS triathlon staple, the Noosa FF shoe, has been reinvented with revolutionary FlyteFoam Technology to create a responsive and lightweight ride. The seamless upper construction features a technical mesh that permits sockless wear, […]


28 Jan Posted by in Opinion, Work | Comments

The Top Ten Cleaning Products Already In Your Home

You might already have the items listed below laying around in your home. Why not use them as cleaning products? 1. BAKING SODA From whitening teeth to baking goodies, this item has so many uses that it should be a must-have item in every household! Create a thick paste with dishwashing liquid to remove those soap […]


23 Oct Posted by in Opinion | Comments

Top Ten Things To Know About NBA Permitting Wagering on Games In Ontario

Here are the top 10 things you need to know about wagering on NBA games in Ontario now that it is permitted: . 1: Changing course after two decades, the National basketball Association is now permitting Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation to incorporate the league into its Pro-Line sports lottery. The Lottery and Gaming Corporation […]


07 Oct Posted by in Opinion, Videos | Comments

Top 10 Fighter Jets In The World of 2016

Fighter Jet Planes play a critical role in a country’s army as they are the guardians of the sky.  They have become a very handy weapon for any military, their significance has risen since the second world war which saw the use of these jets for the first time.  Since then with the advancement of […]


05 Sep Posted by in Opinion, Statistics, Videos | Comments

VIDEO: What are The Top 10 Most Powerful Militaries in the World

Military is an important asset for any nation. It is an important component that maintains the stability of the nation by ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. A nation military consist of air-force, the navy, and the army. This list is based on a few criteria which are the nation defense budget, its […]


02 Sep Posted by in Opinion, Statistics, Work | Comments

The Top 10 Notable Shortest Players in NBA History

This is a list of the top ten basketball players who can really play the game.  The average height of a US adult male is just under 5′ 10″ so that was our cut off.  If you are under 5′  10″ you are ‘below average’ and that makes you insanely short for the NBA which […]


31 Jul Posted by in Opinion | Comments

The Top Ten Reasons To Visit High River Alberta

High River was founded around its location as being a convenient cattle crossing with the Blackfoot First Nation, but really became notable when the Canadian Federal Government built one of its first Air Force Stations (not yet called “Bases”) in 1921. High River, Alberta was the epicenter of what was then Canada’s most costly natural […]


31 Jul Posted by in Opinion | Comments


There are hundreds of good reasons to visit the Philippines.  This oft ravaged part of the world has bred a happy resilient people that have turned adversity into a virtue.  They stay and flourish in this climate and if you visit you will see the amazing places, people and things the Philippines has to offer. . 1- AMAZING […]


13 Jul Posted by in Opinion, Work | Comments

The Top Ten Reasons No Tipping / Fixed Tipping In Restaurants is a Bad Idea

Fixed Tipping has been spun by the restaurant industry as a “No Tipping”.  Nothing could be more misleading.  The restaurant industry says that they need to move to fixed tipping systems to ensure all their workers are paid a fair wage. Below are the top ten 1o reasons “no tipping” policies are a bad idea: 1 […]


10 Jul Posted by in Opinion, Videos | Comments

The Top Ten Most Watched YouTube Videos Fun Facts

YouTube was a sensation before Google bought it in 2006 for $1.6Billion.  It was loosing big money and was in the throws of many ugly lawsuits with content owners.  After Google bought YouTube, the lawsuits dollar value got even larger.  One of the most notable was Viacom’s $1 billion for copyright infringement.  That landmark lawsuit was finally settled in 2014 […]


08 Jul Posted by in Opinion, Videos | Comments

What Are The Top Ten Events At The Calgary Stampede Rodeo?

The Calgary Stampede Rodeo always has its detractors for animal cruelty but I have watched the Stampede for 20+ years both in person and on the TV and there are VERY few animal injuries during the daytime rodeo.  The same cannot always be said for the cowboys and cowgirls.  It is important to remember that ranch living […]


04 Jul Posted by in Opinion | Comments

What Are The Top Ten Reasons to Visit Banff Alberta Canada?

Banff is a legendary small town inside of Banff National Park with a global tourist story.  It’s existence is based on visitors, in fact, it is illegal to live in Banff if you don’t work there so tourism is their singular focus. Below are the top 10 reasons to go to Banff: 1 – People – Staff […]


02 Jul Posted by in Opinion, Videos | Comments

The Top Ten Things To Do At the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede is a fantastic mix of fair grounds, concerts and rodeo all squished together in a fun two week long family friendly (or not) Mardi Gras atmosphere.  There is no better time to be in Canada than during Stampede and the Calgary region that hosts it provides dozens of fun adventures for all ages. […]


30 Jun Posted by in Opinion, Videos | Comments

The Top 10 Reasons to Go To Canmore Alberta Canada

Canmore is a scenic town on the very edge of the Rocky Mountains, located about 80 minutes east of Calgary and 20 minutes from Banff. Below are the top ten reasons to go to Canmore: . 1 – Hiking Without doubt hiking is the most popular thing to do in Canmore.  There are far too many trials to list […]


29 Jun Posted by in Opinion | Comments

What Are The Top Ten Countries With the Best Food?

For all the food lovers out there who also like to travel a lot and visit new places and like enjoying their culture and food. Healthy and tasty cuisine is loved by everybody so why not try various dishes from different countries. So here’s a list that helps you to choose which country you visit […]


28 Jun Posted by in Opinion, Videos | 1 comment

The Top Ten Reasons To Go To Chestermere Alberta Canada

Chestermere is a scenic lake front city with 20,000 people and 6000 homes located 5 kilometers east of Calgary.  It is Alberta’s newest city joining a club of only 19 in the Province. Chestermere is a fantastic place to be but don’t take my word for it, watch this 5 minute TV segment hosted by the famous […]


27 Jun Posted by in Opinion, Videos | Comments

The Top Ten Reasons to Be In Okotoks, Alberta, Canada

Okotoks Alberta is a town of 30,000 people with 11,000 homes and it truly is a wonderful place to be.  Why you ask; just read the Top 10 reasons to be in Okotoks Alberta: 1. Okotoks Has a Sense of Humour Take a look at this video of their sales pitch to Calgary c-train transit riders.  […]


26 Jun Posted by in Opinion, People, Videos | Comments

What are The Top Ten Best Movies of All Time?

The provider of entertainment, the likely thing that helps you to leave the stressful reality world just for a few hours and enjoy the delicacy of drama, Yes a Movie everybody likes them no matter what their age group is, everybody loves the fight between batman and superman or will watch the godfather making a […]


24 Jun Posted by in Jokes, Opinion, Videos | Comments

What are the Top Ten Nicknames for Donald Trump?

The Donald certainly likes to give others little nicknames to drill them down and remind us all that grade 4 was not so long ago. Below is the list of the top 10 best nicknames others have given Donald J Trump: The Golden Wrecking Ball – Sarah Palin Expired bottle of Sunny-D – The Daily […]


24 Jun Posted by in Opinion | Comments

What are The Top Ten Wild Predators

When we use the word wild the first thing that comes to our mind is the dangerous predators living out there gifted with some fine abilities to hunt their prey down or for the fight for survival as according to Darwin only the fittest survive on our planet. These animals are more of a hunting […]